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Livermore Valley Winegrowers Association

Stands as one of California’s oldest wine regions and is home to more than 50 wineries. These range in size from boutique 500 case wineries to industry leaders. For further information and event tickets visit the official association site.


Any business supportive of the Livermore Valley Winegrowers Association can become a member. The type of membership offered is dependant on the type of business. Understand the dynamics of membership and what it may mean to you as a visitor.


Visitors will most likely deal with member businesses that fall into one of the following categories:


Supportive Commercial Business


Businesses in Hospitality Sector


Commercial Growers of Wine Grapes


Commercial Processors of Wine Grapes

Winery Members

Members & Locations


Online Reviews


Articles About Livermore Valley Wine Country

  • Mercury News

    Livermore Valley: The other other wine country

    This is an article by Linda Zavoral describing her experience of Livermore Wine Country which as she points out is yet to be discovered by the wine-drinking masses.

  • Mercury News

    Three Livermore Valley vineyards may hold the key to the region's future success

    Article by Jessica Yadegaran about the Galles Vineyard, Ghielmetti Vineyard and Casa de Vinas, credited with working diligently to return Livermore Valley to its glory days of more than a century ago.

  • NBC Bay Area

    Livermore Valley Wineries Take 95 Years to Bounce Back After Prohibition

    Article by Joe Rosato Jr exploring the rejuvenation of the Livermore American Viticulture Area.

  • Independent News

    Taste Our Terroir: Wood Family & Cuda Ridge Star Again

    This article by Laura Ness discusses Livermore Valley wineries' efforts to create perfect pairings of wine and food as selected by judges and the public.

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The Wine Seeker's Guide to the Livermore Valley

By Thomas C. Wilmer

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